Hi, Dick – don’t try this! LOL

OK. I admit. I was bored. So when I read a reader’s comment about how much faster Palemoon was than Firefox, I decided to give it another try. I must admit, reading the Web site helps. I did not realize that on the Palemoon site there is a migration tool that copies over your Firefox user profile. This saves a lot of time, because when I first tried Palemoon, I thought it was a giant pain to try and put back on my toolbar, add ons, extensions, themes, history, settings, and bookmarks. So when I saw the migration tool I decided to give Palemoon another try.

Before doing anything, I highly recommend if you wish to migrate, use the add-on called FEBE. FEBE makes a backup copy of your profile in case something goes wrong.

The migration was a snap. The tool worked perfectly and my profile with all settings was transferred over to Palemoon without issue.

So is Palemoon quicker than Firefox?

It is. I have always been a firm believer that an experienced user can feel the difference in performance when using any software without the need for benchmarks. IMHO Palemoon is quicker.

Will I be staying with Palemoon?

Yes I will. I like the snappy response plus the benefit that it is Firefox, optimized. 🙂

Comments welcome.

Palemoon’s Web site is here.

Palemoon migration tool is here.