During the past week we have heard about the hype surrounding the movies about Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook fame. Some have alleged that his donating the $100 million dollars to the Newark school system was to take away the hype of a movie that portrays him as a crook. Allegations are that he stole the idea of Facebook from his fellow Harvard classmates.

But in a recent article there was this one statement that caught my attention:

The film, due in cinemas next month, shines an uncomfortable light on a well-publicised rift between Zuckerberg, 26, and a group of Harvard classmates who claimed he stole the idea and subsequently made billions from it.

The new Hollywood film details allegations from Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, who later rowed for Oxford, and Divya Narendra who claimed they came up with the idea for the social networking site they called ConnectU.

But they lacked the technical expertise to make it work, so enlisted the help of computer science student Zuckerberg.

When Zuckerberg launched Facebook, they launched legal action against him after their significantly less successful site failed.

They accused Zuckerberg, a second year student at the time, of stealing the idea, source code and business plan for Facebook a year before Facebook was launched.

Last year, a US law firm accidentally disclosed that Facebook had paid $65 million (£41.4 million) to settle the claim.

A condition of the deal was that all parties keep details confidential or face a multi-million dollar penalty. Neither side has ever commented.

My first thought was this. If I was accused of stealing an idea and that I didn’t, I would fight the allegations.  With $65 million dollars I could put up a stunning defense. So when I hear that Zuckerberg paid this amount to squash the allegations, it tells me that he did steal the idea. Just my two cents.

What do you think?

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Source – telegraph.uk.com