It had been rumored that AOL was going to purchase TechCrunch and the deal was sealed today in San Francisco. The owner and founder of TechCrunch, Michael Arrington, has been providing reviews of products and companies in the technology field. Many of us who blog have cited TechCrunch articles and breaking news for their insider view of what is happening in the technology field. So now that AOL has acquired TechCrunch will there be major changes?

Over at the TechCrunch web site some readers were not happy campers. Some of the comments were:

Shouldn’t Techcrunch be acquiring AOL?

SELL OUT!!!!!!

Michael sold out to AOL???? WTF

You’re surprised? Do you think he’s some bastion of honorable journalism?

Don’t worry. Tomorrow Arrington will backpedal and announce that an acquisition may or may not be taking place.

Mike was broke and in debt. Now he’s just broke.

It is unfortunate that some forget that TechCrunch has provided us with valuable information in the past. I can understand why some folks are upset, but we must remember that Arrington has a perfect right to sell his company to anyone he feels like.

What do you think?

Comments welcome.

Source – TechCrunch

PS I am just happy that we no longer are receiving those AOL CD’s in the mail! LOL