There should be an image here!I have been a very satisfied Roku user for what feels like an eternity now. Having owned a number of settop boxes over the years, I can say none of them get it right like Roku has. Even better is the fact that these days I can get both Netflix and Amazon OnDemand content at the click of a few buttons.

Now there are other channels, 99% of which the world couldn’t care less about to be honest. But now with Hulu finally making its way to Roku hitting the news, people will be lining up to buy these little boxes. Why not just buy an Xbox or another console today, instead of waiting? Two reasons. One, for non-gamers, it’s a waste of money. Two, some of us already own a Roku box and the addition of Hulu to the mix is just another added bonus.

Why on the Roku and why now? Simple: Hulu Plus has been rolled out onto other media devices such as the iOS products and the PS3. So it only makes sense for it to finally come on over to the Roku as well. Having been a Hulu Plus user for some time now, I can tell you that it is TOTALLY worth it for those avoiding cable TV costs. I prefer to spend my money on better broadband Internet and let Hulu and my Roku tackle my TV needs.