This morning I popped on the tube and was watching the Today Show featured on NBC TV. I was surfing the Internet while the TV program was on and caught a quick blurb about how there would be some 32 different tablet models available this holiday season. I did a Google search and found that the number 32 is being batted around the Internet with even Best buy saying that it would be carrying a large selection of tablets, but that the number would be lower. I took a look at the Best Buy site and it’s currently offering six models of the Apple iPad and only two PC Tablets.

I found an article at Forbes that seems to indicate that Best Buy is going to focus on tablets this holiday season:

“Going into the holidays, we will make tablets a focus,” said Shawn Score, the president of Best Buy’s wireless retail unit, Best Buy Mobile, in an interview. “Like e-readers over the last couple years, we think customers will think of Best Buy for tablets and expect us to have the right ones.”

A new crop of tablets, including devices from Samsung, Acer and Research In Motion, is expected to debut in time for the holidays. Another wave may follow in January. Industry insiders say some tablets have been delayed and revamped due to the iPad’s popularity, but will be introduced in early 2011.

Score declined to specify which tablets Best Buy will carry, but said there will be multiple models. “We will have a great assortment of them,” he said. “It won’t be 32, but it also won’t be one, like we have today.”

Future tablets will run on different operating systems, including Google’s Android and Chrome, Microsoft’s Windows 7, Palm’s webOS and open-source Linux.

I have been holding off replacing my current laptop computer, since it is still functioning well. The system has been reliable and I have it tuned just the way I like it. 🙂 But I must admit what intrigues me are tablet computers. I do not see a tablet as a replacement for the laptop — or is it? Maybe I could use a tablet to do my blogging, which right now, consumes the bulk of my time on most days. But would a virtual keyboard be comfortable for typing articles and posts?

What do you think? Are you considering buying a tablet PC or Apple iPad and give your reasons?

Comments welcome.

Source – Forbes