There should be an image here!My first Web based email service was Hotmail, long before Microsoft ever bought it out, of course. Back then, it changed the way people accessed email and redefined a lot in that space to be sure. Today, I see that Hotmail is looking to change things up again with something I’d like to see other services like Yahoo! Mail and Gmail doing as well: a serious revamping of how Hotmail handles email passwords.

Now this is not to say that Hotmail’s method is the only way to be considered or even the best out of everything. But the fact that I would be able to recover my lost password or even prove my identity is fairly compelling and worth having other like-minded services taking a serious look I think. What I think will be interesting is to see Hotmail among others combat the growing problem with malicious types creating bogus accounts to fake their way into communities, along with other tasks. It’s annoying and to date, nothing has really been done to stop it.

If Hotmail were among the first to address this, well, that would help put it above the other guys almost overnight when you bundle this along with its recent upgrade to password security. Honestly, I think that Google (Gmail) could stand some heavy updates in this area as well. Because if you lose an account, good luck getting it back as Google gives you limited recourse here. Using SMS is a nice alternative to preventing this from happening.

[Photo above by Mike Licht, / CC BY-ND 2.0]

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