There should be an image here!While I have had limited dealings with them myself, I have generally found AppleCare to be much more welcome experience when compared to any other computer vendor’s support services. But as they say, there is always some room for improvement. And it is clear that Apple is on board with ensuring that everyone is getting the kind of support they need, when contacting the company for assistance.

Welcome to Apple’s Express Lane, a new idea for customer support. Designed to narrow down the issues being had with people trying to explain their issues when contacting support, it would appear that Apple is right on track with this concept. Does this mean that it’s going to solve everyone’s problems better than say, calling AppleCare? Not too likely. But it does provide a nice option as an alternative.

Now the big question of the hour is how people are liking this feature. Is it going to be a hit? Only time will tell I guess. But based on what I’ve seen of it, I think it’s the right idea and perhaps for those looking for online support for their Apple products, a long overdue solution. Speaking for myself, I am old fashioned and will stick to the phone for support.