There should be an image here!Can there really be any kind of doubt that the future of search is going to come from the mobile space? While it should be fairly apparent at this point, it seems that we still need some reminding that there is indeed a world outside of the home/office based search space of our desktop computers. There’s an entire world out there, which is where I suspect mobile search will come into things.

As pointed out by this article, Google’s own CEO is all but convinced that Google is on the right track and will be delivering ┬áthe future of mobile search for many years to come. They single biggest key of course, is that Google would then be offering a really great augmented reality option along the way, assuming you happen to be using a compatible smart phone of course.

Speaking for myself, I would love to have augmented reality with my GPS. Bundled with search, yes, I think this would be a huge growth area for Google if they can indeed pull it off. The real question is, will this kind of mobile searching further isolate us from one another or instead, get us out of the house a bit more often? Suppose that is the real question yet to be answered.