There should be an image here!Things in China continue to be messy for Google. From China’s government playing information police to their outright ridiculous rules from which Google is expected to work from, it is clear that Google is growing tired of putting up with the insane restrictions imposed upon them. No matter what Google tries, it seems like China is intent on making sure that everything China sees is about

Now if people want to choose to use, great, more power to them. But it just feels like Google is not being given a fair shot due to the fact that they believe people should be able to access information as they see fit, not how China’s government dictates it should be. China knows that controlling information allows for controlling people. That is the scary part.

What is going to be interesting is to see how things go when Google finally has enough of this, leaves China to the likes of others such as Bing, only to then refocus their efforts in places where people are allowed to think for themselves. As you may have guessed, I detest censorship and whether it happens in China or Australia means little to me. In the end, it’s hurting everyone. Hopefully Google will realize this and move on.