I have the pleasure of taking a look at a lot of products. Sadly, I don’t always have the time to review every single thing that is sent to me. If something is unique or really good, I definitely make time for it. The other day, I received a letter. Inside of this single sheet of normal typing paper sat three device stands which can be used for an iPhone, iPod touch or any other type of portable phone. They’re so thin and small, I wasn’t sure that they would even work. I HAD to take a closer look at these.

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The GoGoStand goes everywhere you go. It fits right in your pocket or wallet. When folded down, it’s in the shape (and size) of a credit card. This very elegant stand is perfect of the occasional traveler. But, this isn’t something you could use all day every day. However, it’s the perfect solution when you are on the go. Take it with you into a meeting without having to lug around a heavy stand.