There should be an image here!Apple TV has been a long time coming. From the beginning, even the most die-hard Apple users had a difficult time getting their minds around the content it provided. Too big, costing too much for the content in contrast to cheaper alternatives, it was labeled at one point as a device for hobbyists.

As we flash forward into today, we see the new Apple TV looks to be a heck of a lot better than previous models. The size, smaller. Content selection, well, basically the same. But the menus are attractive, which can be a great boon to usability for those not used to using other alternatives instead. Really it comes down to two things that would make you choose Apple TV vs an alternative such as Roku.

Amazon HD on the Roku wasn’t quite as good as Apple TV’s HD content. Then again, Roku is available for those people out there who don’t have access to HD TVs with their HDMI connections. So really, it comes down to what is important to you. If maximum HD is important, then perhaps Apple TV is worth a look. After all, it supports Netflix on-demand as well.