It has not been easy for Oracle, for as many employees of Sun were supposed to remain, it now is beginning to look as though they are all getting fed up and leaving, perhaps because they were sold a bill of goods, and now they find no merchandise.

Over at TechEye, the news of two more major players are found to be leaving Oracle as quickly as they can disentangle themselves.

Just last week we reported that top Sun stalwart Stewart Townsend is leaving Oracle. Today, Jeff Bonwick, head honcho behind ZFS and integrated in the community, is packing his bags too.

After twenty years, he writes from his bog, he’s "decided to try something new". He says he’s had a fantastic time at both Sun and Oracle and hopes that "Solaris and ZFS Storage are wildly successful," while wishing his best to the community to make it happen.

Bonwick’s a top storage guy who pioneered and has been pivotal in ZFS, detailing developments to the community on his blog. While there is no animosity revealed in his announcement it could raise eyebrows on Oracle’s commitment to Solaris – what commitment? – as he takes his leave.

Along with the exodus of other top Sun engineers since Oracle took the reigns.

He hints in his goodbye notice that he’s working on the Next Big Thing – whatever that is. Bonwick doesn’t seem to be sure himself but thinks it’s worth a pop.

His last day at Oracle will be on Thursday, September 30, 2010

Will Oracle have enough to keep Solaris together and on schedule? Only time will tell, and we will find out when the new “cloud-oriented” Solaris is brought out.

I’m anxious to see the differences between the newly spoken of “free” version, and the not-yet-released high priced spread.


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