Throughout the last several thousand years of history, the human body has become a thing viewed as base and desirous of sinful things. Our bodies are to be covered, our natural body functions viewed in a degrading way, and whatever we do, we shouldn’t ‘speak’ about what is happening physically to us, or allow the releasing of gases, etc. We are told that these things are to be hidden, as well as sexual functions.

Now please, don’t start in on how you think I am advocating being a perv in front of children, I am not. I believe our society has strayed far from it’s natural state, and we now live in fear of the machine we call our body, the vehicle for ALL of our experiences. People need to take things in steps, as returning to a natural state takes time, it doesn’t just happen overnight, without great upheaval occurring.

This vehicle that carries us through our whole lives, will interpret everything that happens to us, everything we ingest, and it will chemically act accordingly. In the brain neurons will grow and break down according to what we input ourselves with, and we program ourselves through repetition. After continually repeating various actions, our neural nets become more difficult to break down, and the patterns we ingrain ourselves with eventually become permanent fixtures.

Unfortunately, when this occurs, we pass these patterns from our neural programming into our DNA, and these patterns only become stronger through each successive generation. This cycle can be altered though through epigenetics, so gratefully there is hope.

After generation after generation being taught to abandon old ways of thinking and living, we were taught the body was not something to enjoy, not something to revel in, but denigrate as something to be hidden/suppressed. In so doing, one thing that occurred, was the neural nets created a belief that the very system it functioned for, was part of an evilness we suffered, for something we didn’t do (fall from grace/Adam & Eve scenario, etc.).

The problem with this is: it is a scientific fact that pleasure increases one’s lifespan, and general overall health. This has been seen in studies regarding positive thinking, people with healthy sex lives, people with good close relationships, and anything really that brings genuine pleasure/the joy of being alive.

The senses are the doorways to our soul, and closed off senses, are closed off people. To live, you must really live.

When we were all taught not to speak of our body functions, and what was going on with our bodies, we created a horrible medical tragedy. If everyone actually cared about themselves, they would in turn have to truly care about and love their bodies. If we shared what was happening with our bodies with the people around us, we would find out certain things .

For example if I eat beans, it makes me release gas, and we have all shared this information/experience enough to know, this happens to everyone. We had a group sharing that did not need any scientific study whatsoever. I am on a diet whereby I almost never get gas… because gas is not normal with a healthy diet. Gas is an indicative factor that whatever we are eating is not in harmony with our bodies, and yet we have all come to accept that it is normal. If it doesn’t cause you to feel good overall, then it isn’t something that is healthy for you.

The problem in this scenario of eating beans, is that we are attending to immediate pleasure, and suffering for it. If people were being logical, and listening to their bodies, because they cared about them/enjoyed them, they would realize that when something really hurts you, or makes obnoxious gases, that something must be wrong.

Another good example is eating cooked eggs. Cooked eggs take literally months to go through your digestive system, and one can emit odoriferous sulfurous gases, even after several months of avoiding them. Eating things that do not digest; what is up with that? But of course, because we have a societal program of body and sensory deprivation, we do not listen, and we eat and consume poison. This, because we do not need to listen to our own bodies, or to the experiences of our neighbor, but to doctors who have ‘studies’ funded by big pharma to back up telling you that you have good health, even if you feel like hell.

I am horrified as people tell me their medical nightmares of drug pushers and horrifying surgeries that leave one more crippled than they were before. Some of us do talk to one another, and we hear each others stories, but because of societal pressure, we take the ‘mainstream way’. As people follow one another toward annihilation, the butchers getting paid to dissect us and experiment, are raising the rates of death and disease. Why do people swim up that stream? Is it because they are caught up with the rest of the school, and not listening/connecting to their own bodies and really listening to what is happening to those around them?

Instead of listening to doctors, the food pyramid, the FDA, the pharmacist, scientists, etc., why aren’t we listening to logic? Pleasure is not a result of instant gratification, which usually arises out of a general overall dissatisfaction. Satisfying pleasure arises out of a whole experience, not only a fragment of that experience. If I eat a large bowl of sugary ice cream and then suffer with a stomach ache , lack of energy, and blood sugar issues… am I feeling ‘good’? No, I am likely to feel like hell, and where is the pleasure in that?

Listen to each other, really listen, and talk about what is happening to you physically. Ask yourself “why am I feeling this way”? If you are older, ask yourself if your grand folks got as ill with so many diseases as those around you today. Ask yourself how your health has been through different dietary eating patterns. Look at your body; is it healthy, are you happy in it? Do you have a preferred body image? The only thing keeping you from being more healthy is your caring and listening to your body, and communicating truthfully with others.

Talking openly with others about bodily functions, illnesses, etc. can be embarrassing because we may not be used to it. Find someone you trust and feel comfortable with to start the process, or communicate to others through online health groups. One thing is for sure though, do not accept things such as stomach aches, gas, bad body odor, obesity, etc., as being normal and healthy… they aren’t and should not be accepted as such.

All of the taboo words we have in our language are related to body functions, except perhaps one or two. We are not to speak using blatant words, but must be ‘proper’ in our descriptions. We must use sanitary terms to downplay the experience of whatever we go through physically, and make it less than what it is. Perhaps we are not perfect organisms, heck we are short two whole chromosomes… less complex than your average animal. Whatever the case may be, whatever body we find our self in, we need to care about it, because it is the interface we have right now to interact with the world around us.

Denial of ourselves, creates boundaries between us and those around us, that are unhealthy and disconnect us from a natural view of reality. Your body is an awesome thing, potentiate it… care about it.

I once knew a Christian man who took his Bible quite seriously. He was a single man, and would have what he conceived of as ‘nightmares’. These dreams were of him having sex with women, and though this was perfectly natural/normal, he believed that demons had sent him these dreams trying to tempt him into having sex outside of marriage. He was not a happy nor healthy man, and was constantly battling what he perceived as forces of evil. Imagine, his very natural chemical functions had become an enemy! If it were so that such a god made these chemical reactions standard in his creations, what a great evil it would be to then say they were to be denied!

The very fact that sexual repression has been found to cause deviant behavior is being looked at by those wishing to stop the wide spread act of pedophilia by Catholic priests. The Catholic Church has admitted to at least 13,000 cases of pedophilia by their priests since the 1950s… and that is only what is being admitted to as credible claims! Faith should never trump what is obviously truth, regardless of fears based on superstition.

The body is an incredible thing, and when we enjoy it and the pleasures it has to offer, we are more happy and healthy. The mind does nothing more than interpret what the sensory organs tell it, and from there the mind reacts to what it is being told. The quality of your experience will greatly dictate the quality of your life. Enjoy healthy food, positive people, visual beauty, tactile experiences, pleasureful smells, the sounds of life, and really feel them for what they are, not interpret them through labels and external voices of supposed rationals.

You know through your senses what is healthy and good for you… don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Photo from fragrantveil