There should be an image here!Gnomie Olivia Hine (@oliviahine) writes:

Hi Chris,

I certainly poured one out for the last Gnomedex last month– sad to hear, but from your post I gather it’s a step in the right direction. You know, Gnomedex 2008 was my first tech conference ever and still remains the event that opened my eyes to this world and introduced me to many of the people I know today, so thank you.

As for me, I’ve taken on a full-time position at a Berkeley PR agency, Bhava Communications, so you may hear from me from time to time (now that I’ve moved over to the dark side permanently). I saw your tweet the other day about finding a good cookbook for a geek, and wanted to give you a heads up about is a semantic search platform for food that uses unique algorithms to understand users and recommend recipes, akin to what Netflix does with movies and Pandora with music. It’s the latest endeavor for CEO and founder Dave Feller, a former eBay and StumbleUpon exec, so it’s rather geeky and easier than a cookbook, as Yummly aggregates over 500,000 recipes from both the web and well-known cookbooks. Check it out if you’d like; we’d love to hear thoughts.

That’s the pitch! I trust everything is going well for you; hopefully we’ll have a chance to chat soon.