With all the graphics standards and image formats there are today, you might think that the best format for internet usage would have been found, having the best compromise between quality, size, and compressibility. While JPG has endured, and found much wider usage than the 256-color-limited GIF format, it does have its problems. Lately, the PNG format has been used with good results, but apparently Google thinks it has an even better plan, with a new format.


After coming out with the WebM video format, Google is now looking to ‘improve the web’ by promoting WebP, an image format that enables a user-adjustable degree of compression and is capable of an average of 39% more compression than JPEG and JPEG 2000, without loss of image quality.

WebP features VP8 image data and a container based on RIFF and utilizes a predictive coding method that uses the values in neighboring blocks of pixels to predict the values in a block, and then encodes only the difference between the actual values and the prediction.

WebP is open source and is hoped to make the web a bit faster since users will download less data. Of course, for that to happen you’ll need broad adoption and browser support, none of which are currently available. Chrome is expected to get WebP support in the coming weeks though so, baby steps. For more info about WebP just click on this link .

Google doing it again? Probably. It has certainly changed things will all of the other “better ideas” for the web.

Now if everyone will simply get on board, we can make strides without problems.


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