I have been a proponent of mushrooms for many years. For about 18 years I have hunted and integrated mushrooms into my life. The personal health benefits of mushrooms are astounding. They are not only an incredible aid to the immune system, but also help detox the liver, and give greater youth and vitality. Their use to detoxify soil, and bring about a balanced eco-system is incredible. Mushrooms have numerous applications and potential uses, not to mention many are quite tasty!

The best way to eat mushrooms…ALL edible mushrooms, is to cook them. Mushrooms do not process properly in the body without cooking and should be accompanied by either carbs or vitamin C.  The vitamin C can be replaced with green tea. Powdering dried mushrooms and adding them to soups, sauces, etc., is also an excellent way to process them more effectively.

Mushrooms are the only non-animal protein that can compare to meat. They contain beta-glucan which provides incredible immune system support, and increases overall health. Mushies are high in antioxidants, and help to fight free radicals.

Mushrooms are the basis for a healthy ecosystem, helping to break down matter and create nature’s compost. They absorb and transform all manner of toxic and radioactive material, rendering such substances harmless and helping to restore soil to a natural state. A company called Mycogrow has created mushroom mixtures whose fruiting bodies grow under the ground, to help restore soil and grow healthier/larger plants. Mycogrow can be purchased for as little as $4.95! Mushrooms such as these can help restore our forests, our yards, and even toxic dump sites.

What follows is a video by a man who is doing his best to help the world through mushrooms…

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