Cisco the worlds leading networking giant may be getting to release a new home telepresence product as early as next week. Cisco has been eager to enter into the consumer market place and this step of offering a consumer version could be a major step forward. The biggest news is that the new device will be able to offer high definition video and family members will be able to visit relatives on their HDTV.

According to one report it also states that:

The cost for a small unit could be as low as $200, but that price would be heavily subsidized. Another source said a $500 price point was also possible with fewer hooks.

The big selling point: The high-definition quality is supposed to be very good. Cisco (CSCO) will use this selling point to contrast it to what will be its big competitor: Internet telephony and video-calling giant Skype.

If this rumor is in fact true, I believe that this could be great for those of us who have family and friends located around the country. It would be nice to visit from the comfort of your living room and to interact with those who are close to us. It would allow us grandparents to see our grand kids grow since they sprout up like weeds.

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Source – BoomTown