I recalled when I read the number of users Microsoft was claiming used Windows Live Spaces, the 30 million users, seemed to me just a little high IMHO. Now it seems that the actual number of Windows Live Space users that may transfer over their site to WordPress may be as low as 300,000. But who’s counting?

But it gets better:

Some Microsoft partners are none too happy that Microsoft chose WordPress as its “Plan B,” given that WordPress runs on Apache and MySQL, not Microsoft’s own stack.

Well at least those who make the change over, whether it be 30M or 300K , will have the knowledge that the WordPress servers are using reliable software. LOL

But did Microsoft over state the actual numbers on purpose? Some believe they did:

Wilcox, however, has managed to obtain internal e-mail messages exchanged between (yet unnamed) Microsoft employees that suggest far lower numbers.

However, according to a senior Microsoft manger e-mailing colleagues: “The net is: 300k sites are expected to migrate of the 30M ‘blogs’ — most are dead. WordPress is adding somewhere in the order of zero servers to handle this capacity. This was a ‘who has the best online service for blogging for our customers’ and had nothing to do with technology.”

Ouch – so basically most of the 30 million so-called active blogs are in reality dead, and Microsoft expects a mere 300,000 sites to effectively migrate to WordPress.com

This is just another example of why we Americans have become so skeptical of corporate America and our own US government.

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Source -ZDnet

Source – TechCrunch