I suppose it shouldn’t surprise me that on the news tonight was a big story on a multi-acre shrubbery tribute to the Philadelphia Phillies baseball team, in the style of a crop circle.

What was completely absent from the news was the press conference held at the National Press Club in DC, where 120 ex and current military witnesses got up and spoke about UFOs hovering over and shutting down our nuclear weapons. [link goes to YouTube video of press conference]

The Air Force and goverment have long refused to discuss UFOs on the grounds that they studied them and found that UFOs do not violate national security.  If unidentified aerial objects can get into the (protected) airspace over nuclear weapons and shut them down, I would go out on a limb and say this has some bearing on national security.

Of course anyone with more than two remaining brain cells can see this is a smokescreen.  This is but one way of postponing the inevitable; denying the existence.  Another way is the tin-foil-hat card, where you just claim anyone discussing the topic is a few picnic baskets shy of lunch.

Laugh it off, mainstream media, but how do you explain that many trained men and women coming forward to testify to their actual experiences of aerial phenomena shutting down nuclear weapons?

To anybody who spends any time reading up on this topic, this is not a surprise.  The information is in the public domain and has been for a long time.  These brave folks are just trying to get the holder of the most information to show its cards.

Although the US government claims it does not investigate or track UFOs, this has been proven to be a falsehood.  Anything coming in over the horizon, outwitting all defenses and shutting down critical weapons systems is going to be investigated, tracked, scanned, filmed, and identified by all means at our disposal.

The press conference was certainly well-attended by witnesses but unfortunately not by the press.  This is no surprise, as the mainstream media has given up all rights to be referred to as reporters.  In fact, the press is controlled by approximately five families [Jim Marrs investigated this].  The American press is the most laughable.

Did you know that the military has laid four different excuses on the populace for what happened at Roswell in 1947?

If this press conference had been about Iran shutting down our nuclear missiles, you can bet your bottom end that the press would have been lined up around the block with satellite trucks (and catering).

But Boobus America is really curious about the multi-acre Phillies tribute.


I don’t claim to know what is up there, hence the moniker unidentified flying objects.  Some of them are quite obviously ours; military technology not yet released to the public.  But there is no end of radar, video, and witness evidence of things that certainly don’t appear to be ours.  We’ve had it forever.  It has appeared everywhere from ancient art to current testimony.

I figure that whatever it is, it has got to be a real doozy of a secret, considering all of the trouble the military and government have gone to in order to deny its existence.