One of the things that I do not like is to wait in line at a restaurant. I have previously mentioned that the Olive Garden is a thorn in my side, since where I live we have to wait in line even when tables are vacant. Grrrr…… But now there is a new application called Textaurant. Instead of having to carry a pager you can receive a notification on your cell phone. This allows you the freedom to do other things without the annoyance of waiting in line.

According to their web site, Texturant will offer:

You’ve already got a device that buzzes in your pocket – why do you need one from the restaurant? Restaurants that use Textaurant are not only ahead of the curve, but they also care about their patrons’ time – and health.

Right now, you have to walk into a restaurant or call them to find out the wait time and get on the list. This wastes your time, especially if there’s a long wait. With Textaurant, you can see wait times online or on your mobile device, choose a location, and get in the queue remotely – from wherever you are.

Wait where you want, do what you want, and get a free alert before your table is ready.

We will never share your information with businesses. Period.

Exclusive discounts and freebies (only if you want them).

This idea is so simple it makes one wonder why with all of the apps available, no one has done this before? Though this is specifically designed for restaurants, one could imagine it could be used by other businesses. My first thought was doctor offices. This is another thorn in my side. If I have an appointment and I am still sitting in the lobby for over an hour, I leave. But if I was able to do other chores while waiting to see the doc, I think it would be a benefit to me and to the doctors staff.

What do you think? Is this an app you would like to use? I know I would.

Comments welcome.

Source – Textaurant