There should be an image here!I’ve been a very, very content Ubuntu user from the beginning. Having been a Linux user since long before that, my introduction to Ubuntu was actually what got me onboard with GNOME over KDE all those years ago.

Today we have news out that the Ubuntu 10.10 release candidate is available. But like most people, I am interested in what is being made available outside of simply offering a newer kernel and version of GNOME?

As it turns out, there are some changes prove interesting. Improved audio handling and package management changes for example, might be interesting to check out I think. And who knows, like I do with any upgrade, CloneZilla my working install to my 3TB external hard drive…then do a clean installation to see if this release is ready or not. Usually I wait for a month or so before updating after a release comes out, but I might make an exception here rather than wait on any new bug fixes.