A reader by the name of John posted this comment to an article asking for help:

I am having a very similar problem as those described here, but with a twist.

I am running Vista on a machine I built myself. When I do a fresh install of Vista, I will get random freezes to the point where nothing but a hard restart will solve it.

I’ve done all my due dilligence; I’ve ran Memtest and everything checks out. Prime95 finds no problems. All drivers are latest versions downloaded from component manufacturers instead of using Vista drivers. Airflow is good, hard drive checks out, temps are ok. Nothing to roll back to since this happens after a fresh install.

Some days it doesn’t crash at all. Other days it feels like it’s happening every five minutes and I have to press the reset button. The mouse, keyboard, monitor, everything becomes non responsive. Nothing shows up in the event logs after a freeze other than that windows was shut down incorrectly (due to my hard restart).

Here’s the kicker: After about 2-3 weeks, the freezing stops and never happens again. It only begins again the next time I have to reinstall Vista (which has been 3 times in 2 years for various reasons).

I’m at my wit’s end with this problem. Why does it only happen for 2-3 weeks after an OS install?

It happens on Windows 7 too, so I am presuming this is a hardware or BIOS issue.

Any ideas?

I responded:

Hi John,
The next time you install Vista or W7 try downloading all updates from Microsoft and see what happens.
It could be that after an update is applied it fixes the freezing problem. Just a guess. If the problem
didn’t go away after 2 to 3 weeks like you stated, I would guess bad RAM. But since it goes away
after 2 -3 weeks I’m guessing update. :-)

I’m going to post your question on my blog and see what other answer we receive.

Comments welcome.