Netflix, Banks, ISPs claims of illegal downloading, even iTunes invoices for hundreds of dollars. Clearly, we have a crisis here with email phishing schemes….so what can we do? Apparently nothing, as my ISP email among other accounts are being hit with these disturbing phishing attempts like never before.

Now for those of us using modern options like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! and so on, find that these phishing attempts are not as common. After all, most of the time these things end up in the spam folder. But what about people using ISP email? No such luck based on what I’ve seen lately.

My mom, among others, have seen a SHARP increase in phishing attempts as of late. It’s becoming a real problem. While my mom has been trained with great intensity to verify what is legit email and what should be left alone, this recent stuff with Netflix has created some concern for me.

What do you think? Do you see phishing becoming a bigger issue with those without proper changes being made with better spam filtering? Hit the comments, share your thoughts.