I have several interesting hallucinogen stories, this one occurred in the beginning of my fifteenth year. I had been randomly running away from home on a semi-regular basis, ending up on occasion overdosed, and in general being a pain in the butt for my parents. Due to this behavior of mine, I ended up being tossed about to various familial relations, none of whom wanted to keep me for long.

This particular incident takes place in a very small town along the American/Mexican border, in California. My birth father, whom I had never really known throughout my life, was the relative of choice at this point. He and his wife were to take me in for a short time, and I was to continue onward in my rebellion of the conventional adult world.

The town I found myself in was filled with poverty, gangs, and a pretty down and dirty mentality. One evening I was out gallivanting about, looking for whatever trouble I could get myself into. There was a chick in the crowd I was hanging with that worked at a local fast food chain. She would actually sell acid via the restaurant’s drive through, and from what I understood, she was pretty successful at it.

Miss LSD asked me if I would like to come over to her place, and get high on some acid. This sounded like something interesting to do, and I decided ‘why not’? Shortly after arriving at her place, I chewed up the little piece of paper containing lysergic acid diethylamide. I think only a little over an hour had passed, when she announced to me she was heading to bed, and I was going to have to leave.

Miss LSD had to have had a very sick sense of humor to have given a 15 year old kid a hit of acid, and then thrown them into the street at about 12:30 a.m., during the beginning of the drug taking serious effect. Regardless of her values, this was what I faced. Walking home through one of the worst sections of town, bakedĀ  on drugs, I still managed to find my way to my parent’s home.

I was amazed after 15 minutes of trying to get the door unlocked, that neither my dad or his wife had awakened. I headed to my room as quietly as I could, and shut the door. What was I going to do now? I kicked back on my bed, and just watched the show that was unfolding around me. Unfortunately, the show was not turning out to be pretty, and instead began to warp into a nightmare of hallucinations.

Dead bodies were falling out of my closet, and everywhere I looked was nothing but death…all night long. Sadly, this is the extent of my first LSD trip, and it is a wonder I ever took the stuff again. However, about mid trip, I got out a piece of paper, and wrote the following poem:

Hot red flaming ice,
such a thing to entice,
slowly melting hell and fire,
melting all your desire.

It’s touch it burns,
unconsciousness it discerns,
melting all in it’s path,
god my god it’s a laugh.

Stop it now before it falls,
buildings, stores, restaurants, malls.
He cares for none but himself,
should each of us inside ourselves delve?

What would we find?
What would we keep?
Would we sadly weep?

Such a deep thought,
can our souls be bought?
And if we could sell them,
Who would the buyer be?
Neither you, nor I, nor me.

Where is the key to heaven?
Where is the key to hell?
Is it all for real, or is it just a story?

Where is the key to heaven?
Where is the key to hell?
Only time will tell.

And these were the thoughts of a fifteen year old kid on LSD, who would in the same year end up in college with a philosophy/political science major. A few years later I would give the poem to a trucker/musician who told me he wanted to use it as lyrics to a song. I have never heard such a song to this day, but maybe it is floating around out there somewhere!

Image from Bike Snob NYC