During the past decade, car companies have extended the time and mileage when the oil in your car should be changed. According to some, the engine technology has improved as well as the oil itself, which accounts for the longer period in which we can go, before an oil change is due. Today I read an article about oil changes in which the ‘3,000 mile myth’ is challenged and the reason behind labeling the 3,000 mile guideline as a ‘myth’.

The article stated:

Steve Reinarts, who teaches the latest car technology at Dunwoody College, says there have been a number of improvements in oil and engine technologies that would indicate cars can go longer without an oil change.

Synthetic oil, in particular, will withstand a lot more abuse.

Edmunds.com’s auto editor says most people with cars less than 10 years old can go 7,500 miles between changes.

“California did a great research on it with their fleet vehicles. They sent oil samples out to see integrity of the oil. And a lot of their vehicles had 50 percent of the oil life left in it,” said Reinarts.

It becomes an environmental issue. With all of us changing our oil so often, we’re stuck with disposing the used stuff.

But this one statement caught my attention:

Let your owners’ manual tell the tale, and never go more than six months without an oil change. That could void your warranty.

This is the rule I follow. I use synthetic oil in my car and stick by the 6 month rule, no matter the mileage. I should mention that I averageĀ  about 800 miles a month.

How about you? When do you get your oil changed?

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Source – WCCO CBS