As a blogger, I do not generally censor the comments that I receive, unless they are spam or extremely offensive possibly to some of my readers. There are however bloggers out there who will not post certain blog comments because they do not validate what the blogger has to say, embarrasses the blogger, or the comment just doesn’t go along with the general viewpoint of the blogger. This is of course rooted in insecurity and fear. Sometimes the fear is related to what the blogger’s readers may think, and sometimes the fear is of having one’s own beliefs and ideas challenged.

Whatever the reason, I personally find it to be cowardly and painting a partial picture related to the overall subject matter being blogged about. After all, isn’t the ability to comment on a piece really what separates a blog from a general article? I often find the comments section just as interesting as the blog itself, and really appreciate hearing what others have to say, regardless of whether I agree with them or not.

I bring this subject up due to comments I myself have made on various blogs, that were never posted. None of these comments were inflammatory, contained swearing or other offensive material, and yet I was still censored due to the bloggers insecurities and fears. These bloggers are refusing to even acknowledge that there are opinions other than their own, and are only allowing comments that support their own ideas. If this is going to be the situation, then they should just turn off the comments option, so they can be more honest with themselves and others.

Picking and choosing which comments you are going to post, in a way makes you a liar, a deceptionist bent on presenting a false picture. Those of you engaging in such behavior, really should take a look in the mirror and ask yourself just how valid your opinions really are, if you are so insecure as to block any opposing ideas. If you are a disinformationist and are purposely blocking any comments that take away from the disinformation you are spreading, then that is understandable. In the latter case, you know you are a liar, and that is why you are blogging.

As a blogger, you have every right to censor your blog in whatever way you choose, it is your choice. However, ponder for a moment the impact it is going to make on the people you are censoring, and what they are going to say about you to others. You are certainly not gaining the admiration of others through such a cowardly act, nor are you supporting your own sense of honor.

Since I have been blogging here at Lockergnome, I have been censored by three different fellow bloggers. I will not embarrass them openly, but they know who they are. Within this last week one of my comments was censored on a particular piece, but a supporting comment on the same blog was not censored. This person claims the high road, and I think they really should reevaluate their stance in this matter, if they are to be true to what they themselves believe.

“All deception in the course of life is indeed nothing else but a lie reduced to practice, and falsehood passing from words into things.”~ Robert Southey

Picture from Michael Hyatt