Logitech is one of those peripheral companies I always return to, because they have always had good products at a fair price. I can’t really say that about any other peripheral company (including Microsoft), as when I look back there has been one or more stinkers in the parade of their products.

From the first mouse from Logitech I owned (a C9 serial model, with DOS mouse menus for such things as Lotus 1-2-3 2.01!) to the ones I currently am using, and my Logitech web cam, I have always found the products solid and very easily used.

Now, with the announcement of the Google TV product, from Google, the hardware manufacturers are bringing out their specialized products.


Swiss star of the peripheral market, Logitech, has just announced a press event in New York for October 6th which will focus pretty much exclusively on its Google TV offering. Logitech’s Executive VP of Products Junien Labrousse will be making the product announcements.

At the upcoming gathering, Logitech will officially introduce the Revue Google TV box and will probably also launch a few new peripherals to be used with your net-connected HDTV.

The idea is a good one, I hope it takes off. One thing is definite, the Logitech product will be a solid way to get your Google TV.


Maybe some of us will be able to catch up on all the cartoons we’ve been missing out on, with the schedules we work and play.  On demand cartoons, yes, that will be fine!