What kind of a computer should you buy? This question has been asked and answered so many times, it came as a surprise to me when I saw the question being asked of the tech. writer for the Chicago Tribune. What I found interesting is that the answer has not really changed in the past 12 years. It was 1998 when I first started teaching beginning computer classes at out local college. The same question always came up in every class I taught.

My answer the question was very similar to what the tech. writer answered:

‘OK, how much are you willing to spend?’

This answer is not as trivial as one would think. Though the technical literate would consider CPU power, large amount of RAM and how big of a hard disk one has, money will dictate the type of computer you buy no matter what your needs are. Once one settles on a specific amount that they can not go over, the simpler the challenge is to buy a system that fits the price they wish to spend.

I also agreed with another part of the article:

For someone in your shoes, the most important thing to spend money on is RAM. I like the way Gordon Ung, senior editor at Maximum PC (maximumpc.com puts it: “PCs pull on three levers to get more cash out of you: CPU, hard drive and RAM. RAM is certainly important, but once you get to a decent amount, 4GB or 6GB, I’d rather put the cash toward a faster CPU, bigger hard drive or more powerful graphics card than going to 12GB of RAM.”

Seems like sound advice to me. With Windows 7 that 4MB of RAM will come in handy. Next I would opt for the fastest CPU I could afford. A fast Dual Core will suffice but I have noticed some of the newer PC’s coming with 3 core AMD chips for the same price. I don’t  worry about hard disk space. With external USB drives so cheap, a large hard disk on board is not that big of  a deal. IMO.

If you can I would wait to buy until either Black Friday or the X-Mas holidays. Prices should be fantastic this holiday season. 🙂

Comments welcome.

Source – Chicago Tribune

What would you advise someone who was looking to buy a new PC?