Chocolate is an incredible food; it is extremely high in antioxidants, helps regulate hormone and serotonin levels, stimulates the release of endorphins, and lowers blood pressure! What a pleasureful medicine chocolate is! Not all chocolate is created equal however, and the majority of chocolate on the market has two serious strikes against it.

*Most chocolate on the market contains only 15-35% actual chocolate, the rest is composed of fats, sugars, milk solids, etc.

*The majority of the world’s chocolate is farmed through the use of slaves, primarily children.

Fair trade chocolate quite often contains 75-85% chocolate, thereby having more of it’s health benefits in tact, the flavor is far superior, and there is no slavery involved in it’s production. Once you taste high quality chocolate, you seriously will not want to go back to eating what in my opinion taste like feces. Look for one of these fair trade symbols when purchasing chocolate:

Fair trade chocolate can be found in some grocery stores, but most often at your local health food store. My favorite brands are Alter Eco, Divine, and Green & Black’s Maya Gold. By the end of this year, all of Green & Black’s chocolate will be fair trade.

Many of these gourmet chocolates come in unusual flavors as well, making your experience more unique than usual. I have become a chocolate connoisseur of sorts, experimenting and exploring the world of chocolate like one would fine wine. A guide to fair trade chocolates can be found here
in this article

Another optionĀ  is eating either raw or toasted cacao beans, which of course contain absolutely no sugar or additives, and are quite pleasant to snack on. These beans cost an average of about $16 a pound, and are incredibly healthy for you! I like to eat cacao beans in combination with raisins, fruits, or an actual chocolate bar.

Sometimes I melt the chocolate bar down using a improvised double broiler, and add nuts, cacao beans, dried fruits, spices, etc. I then drop the meltedĀ  chocolate mixture onto a plate or cookie sheet in spoonfuls, and place in the freezer until solidified…absolutely divine! I try not to do this too often though, as it is hard not to be excessive in my consumption!

This short video is an advertisement for the upcoming movie, The Dark Side of Chocolate:

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Here is another video showing how fair trade chocolate has aided a community in being able to raise it’s quality of life:

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So, stop eating that crap they peddle as chocolate, increase the quality of your health, and save a child from slavery…eat fair trade chocolate!