Army DNS ROOT Server Down For 18+ Hours

No backups.  [yawn]  Who cares?

US Says Plane Finder App Threatens Security

This is a mobile phone app that you point at a plane and it tells you which flight it is.  I figured this was coming.  Aside from the fact that I find this app odd, it seems any device that gives you information threatens security (unless they can eavesdrop on it).

5 GOP Candidates Who Want to Force Rape Victims to Bear Their Attacker’s Child

Ok, I was wrong.  There is one difference between republicans and democrats.

Pentagon Burns ‘Operation Dark Heart’: Censorship Gaffe?

Book burning, brought to you by the Pentagon.  And now it’s a best-seller.  Great job, boys – keep up the good work!

US Government Assisted Iranian Gov Mobile Wiretaps

Because the government is mandating back doors in telecommunications applications, our enemies get to use them too.  What’s good for the eavesdropper is good for the…. eavesdropper.

Surveillance Nation: Austin Library Won’t Let You Wear Baseball Caps Because Cameras Can’t ID You

And where’s y’alls papers, Citizen?

An official who formerly monitored civil rights for the Justice Department has testified that his higher-ups told lawyers they are not interested in pursuing Voting Rights Act accusations against minorities.

Because blacks can’t be racist, you know.

A report into how a paedophile was able to abuse number of children over many years finds they were let down by the authorities.

Where do you think all the kiddie porn comes from (and goes to)?

Doc of the Day: Feds’ Guide To Snitching on Your Terrorist Neighbor

Hello, I think my neighbor is a terrorist.  No reason; I just don’t like him.

Hey, Chris… do we get a lot of hits from DC?

ThermionicEmissions: the NSA’s favorite blog.