There should be an image here!As I continue to follow the concept of Google TV and how it is supposed to work, the less impressed I become. I mean if Hulu Plus, Roku, among others didn’t existing, the news of Google TV might be something worth following. But outside of the introduction of HBO content, who cares. Feels like Google TV is simply trying to get “apps” in front of the TV watching crowd.

Truth is without a massive partner push of TV content, this is going to be as exciting as Google Wave was. And we all remember what a confusing snooze that mind cluster of confusion was. Again, Google TV has a lot to prove. Thus far, all I see is a vehicle for content partners and developers. There is next to no reason why anyone in the right mind is going to care about this.

Okay, that might be a little harsh. Those who created it and perhaps some curious geeks, will find Google TV interesting perhaps. Maybe that will be enough to get more content partners on board and for Google TV to distinguish itself from other TV content providers. What people want is simple. Kill my cable bill, provide me with an ala carte solution to content. Whichever provider gets this, wins. Simple as that.