When people just call Google a search engine, it’s clear that they’re missing the point. Yes, Google is a hugely popular search engine, but they do so many other things that it’s almost an insult to only reference their search engine. In addition to search, Google has also made huge strides with e-mail, document collaboration, directions and mapping, and that’s only the beginning. Therefore, it’s appropriate to view Google as the “everything company” because they’re doing just about everything these days. Further proof of this point can be seen by the release of the Google URL Shortener.

There may already be dozens of URL shorteners, but that hasn’t stopped Google from throwing their hat into the ring. Google already dominates links through their search engine, so they might as well create them, too. Just like with other URL shorteners, you enter the URL that you want to shorten and you’re given a short URL that can be easily shared. Not only will you be able to track how many clicks your link receives, but you’ll also be able to see detailed stats about referrers and visitor profiles. Google even provides a QR code for the link, which may seem silly now, but Google is obviously looking to the future.