I am giving AVG 2010 a second try by turning off LinkScanner. You can read my follow-up article here.

I have been using the free version of AVG for about six years [?], and for me it has been problem free. I have installed it on all of my own home systems running XP, Vista, and Windows 7 without issue. In addition, over the years I have installed the software on countless client systems, again without issue. I have always found that AVG has protected my computer systems, was easy to use, and did not bog down my computer nor have any effect on performance.

Yesterday I decided to upgrade AVG version 9 to the latest version, which is AVG 2011. The installation was simple enough. I always choose custom install because I do not want any tool-bars or other junk installed on my computer. I did an update after installation and a scan. All appeared well. I jumped onto the Internet and began working on a blog article, and noticed a pop up window that wanted to analyze my computer. I later learned that this was a pay for service trying to sell its targets fix-it software.

After the pop up came and went my browser, Palemoon, was locked up. I closed the browser and rebooted. The second time it happened I decided to remove 2011 and go back to version 9 (at least for the time being).

As a side note I am using Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit with SP1 beta for testing purposes.

My question to you is this. Have you tried AVG anti-virus 2011? What has your experience been?

Comments welcome.

Source – CNET

Please do not tell me to use another anti-virus product. I want opinions about AVG 2011 only. Thank you.