There should be an image here!Who wants some instant Internet? Sounds appealing, right? But the fact of the matter is that not only do casual users such as ourselves want faster Internet. Mega-content providers like Google are screaming for its as well. For Google the reason is a simple one. According to this article, they did a test back in 2007 that demonstrated that a slower search experience meant that users would use search, less.

So even though the drop in speed was less than anything noticeable to the human eye, it did indeed affect how people used the search tool based on Google’s testing. It’s interesting to see how such a small difference would lead to such far reaching changes for Google and those who use it. Honestly have to say, this one caught me by surprise indeed.

The clear message here is simple. Google needs their users to have the best, fastest Internet possible. With this, everyone comes out a winner. Sadly though, I don’t see this happening anyone soon. With broadband still being a problem in most rural areas, bundled with the poor economy, it may be awhile before Google’s dream of a faster Internet becomes a reality.