The cruelty of human beings will never cease to amaze me, but the case of a mom telling her son he has leukemia she can scam people for donations, hits a new low. In order to pull off her con, the mom was putting drugs into the child applesauce to make him appear lethargic. Every week she would shave the child’s head and eye brows to make it look like he was receiving chemo therapy.

In a recent report it states that:

A hospital has tested the boy and declared him cancer-free, although he was going through opiate withdrawal, Smith said. Authorities haven’t yet determined what drugs were in the boy’s system and are awaiting hospital test results.

Court records indicate Schnuphase told her son he had leukemia.

Authorities say Schnuphase elicited donations from individuals, groups and members of at least one church who believed they were helping to pay for her son’s medical care as he underwent chemotherapy.

Smith said she received $7,500 from a church fundraiser, in addition to other donations, and that her son was given gifts including an Xbox video game system.

“People, out of the goodness of their hearts, seeing what they think this poor child is going through have given cash, given an Xbox, given presents trying to lift his spirits,” Smith said. “This poor child, thinking all along that he is dying of cancer. It never ends; the shock.”

The charade appears to have started in December, and eventually Schnuphase’s family members and relatives of her deceased husband reported her to police.

The woman has been arrested and is being held on $100,000 bond. Here is what her former sister-in-law had to say:

Former sister-in-law Elizabeth Carmack called the actions “sick and disgusting.”

“I hope that she rots in jail,” Carmack told reporters.

I would hope that the woman receives a significant amount of time behind bars so she can reflect on her illegal behavior. It is one thing to steal from strangers, but to use your own son for illegal gain is repulsive.

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Source – AP