There should be an image here!Today in news some might consider painfully obvious, we find evidence that more people are researching products before buying them. Thanks to the Internet for that. But what about the prospect of 58% of Americans using online resources to checkout whether or not a paticular product is worth owning. Personally, what I find painfully sad is that we are talking about a weak 58%.

How is it that we live in a country that only has roughly half of its population using the tools available on the Internet ensure that the products folks buy, are not crap? This is amazing to me. While I can understand allowing some numbers for the elderly, poor, etc. How are THAT many people not relying on some common sense to make sure they are getting the biggest bang for their buck?

Call me someone that is immersed in a world of tech that I cannot see how others live, but it pains me to see people complaining about products after buying them…when more often than not these poor reviews were available before the product in question was first obtained. Just seems rather silly to me. Maybe this will change over time. Perhaps with greater broadband penetration, we will see people “waking up.”