There should be an image here!So now what? What are people supposed to expect from the future of Office Office with the recent control given to Oracle and what they might end up doing with it. In short, there is a lot of uncertainty. This article explains at length that the developers behind Open Office will not be seeking sponsorship from Oracle and instead, will be moving things on over to what is becoming LibreOffice.

A forked project, sort of like what we found with NeoOffice on OS X, this move will ensure that no matter what Oracle has in store for the brand “Open Office”, the project will indeed continue and remain available to those who wish to use this office suite over that of any potential web based alternatives. The difference with this fork is that the actual project development team, is jumping over to the forked project, leaving what we know as Open Office to Oracle to figure out.

Now it is possible that Oracle may be able to savage something of the Open Office brand. Note that I say its possible, no promises. Regardless of the outcome, the one solid takeaway we get to hold close to our hearts is that a freely available, open source Office Suite, lives and isn’t going anywhere. So even if Oracle blows this up and leaves the Open Office brand at the door, our beloved office suite will go on, and on.