There should be an image here!I am a firm believer that with each of the popular desktop platforms, something was done right. Windows embraced developers, OS X made things painfully simple (or so some claim), Linux distros mastered package management for software updates. While there are other methods, for the most part Debian package and RPM packages have transformed the way Linux users install software onto their desktop PCs.

As this article rightfully points out, Linux package management¬†is¬†brilliant. Best of all, the process of installing or updating can be as simple or as complex, as you’d like to make it. For most people, updating is a matter of setting it and forgetting it. Others might perfer to do this manually from a CLI instead.

However you care to slice it, today’s modern Linux distros make software and update packages brain-dead simple. Anyone who still makes the claim that Linux relies on the user being able to compile stuff, is not being entirely forthcoming. In all of the years I’ve used Linux, I have had to compile a package four times. Each time it was for a very new driver module. Nothing more.