There should be an image here!One thing I’ve noticed about IT shops is that they do a poor job of managing the people side of change. All the effort is spent on planning, implementing and rolling out a new technology with little thought as to how people are going to react to it and adopt it. For some reason, IT folks seem to think that plunking a new technology in front of someone is all it takes to get them to use it. I guarantee that this approach has resulted in a few failed projects.

People generally don’t like change. What an IT person may see as a great new technology, someone else will see as another change and therefore, will resist it. IT shops need to spend just as much time planning for and managing the people side as they do in planning and implementing the actual technology.

Change management needs to start as soon as the decision is made to bring in a new technology. In doing so, IT shops will find that people are more accepting of the change and more willing to adopt the new technology.

[Photo above by Dimitri N / CC BY-ND 2.0]

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