There should be an image here!Pay per view TV, stinks. And the same applies for buying from Apple, Amazon or anyone else. With the news of Hulu Plus coming to Roku for a flat $10 per month in lieu of the weak pay per use model, translates into a enormous fail for AppleTV — again. This is not to say that Amazon is doing any better, as seen from this list.

Some huge issues for AppleTV include: No House, The Office, Two and Half Men, and Modern Family. These are all hit shows, all of which Apple has NONE of. Truth is, the box that offers up Netflix, Hulu Plus AND VOD ppv content is going to the winner. Sadly the fact is Roku already wins with Amazon and will then go on to bury Apple once Hulu Plus is released.

On the flipside, other Apple products already offer Hulu Plus, today. So this is not by any means anti-Apple. No, this is a “why isn’t AppleTV simply shelved until they can get better content partners” kind of rant. Apple may have obtained tremendous influence over the years, but it seems that in the world of television, it’s strictly amateur hour with Apple. They clearly have a very long way yet to go before being ready for anyone to take seriously.