When you really stop and think about it, you begin to realize how much personal data you have stored online through an assortment of accounts. Accounts related to social networking, e-mail, photos, bookmarks, blogs, and so on are trusted to keep all of our data safe and secure, but they can’t always be trusted. Many times we think about backing up the data on our computers, but we should also be thinking about backing up the data in our online accounts because it’s just as important. Before you get caught in a bad situation, consider using Backupify.

They’re offering free storage accounts until January 31st, so you’ll want to create an account as soon as possible in order to give the service a try. You’ll see that Backupify supports many of the popular online services that are available today. Once you’re a member, you just provide your login information for the supported services and Backupify goes to work by backing up your data automatically and securely. The data is yours and you’re in control, so you can rest easy knowing that you’re covered.