Just when we though that we were ready to give Flash the boot and embrace the wonders of HTML5 based offering such as video playback, we see the W3C telling us to wait. As fantastic as HTML5 is shaping up to be, the sad fact of the matter is that there are interoperability issues that must be addressed before widespread adoption will be possible. Apparently the long and short of it is that HTML5 is still baking in the oven, not yet ready to grace the world as some involved APIs are still be sorted through.

I, for one, am excited when I no longer need to use Flash or Silverlight or any other annoying plugin just to enjoy rich media from my browser. Because HTML5 will make application and page rendering into something smoother for all platforms, it’s an effort that is in dire need of succeeding as quickly as possible. We can only hope that this takes place a bit faster than what we’ve seen from the idea thus far. Honestly, I think people are a bit tired of the hype and want to see HTML5 benefits in action.

What say you? Will HTML5 make any kind of difference in the lives of those you work with or how you implement a Web strategy? Maybe HTML5 will allow you to do something new and more effectively than you have been able to do thus far? Then again, it’s entirely possible that you don’t care and are completely happy with options provided by Flash or Silverlight. Either way, tell us about it. We’d love to hear how you see the future of HTML5 and what you think will benefit as it evolves.