My entire life I suffered from a disease that I had never been diagnosed with. The symptoms were all there, the verdict could have been seen easily, but doctors tend to miss a lot. At the age of 32 my dis-ease began to greatly worsen, and for three months I was bed ridden. Back then(12 years ago) there was little known about my condition, but after much Internet research, I was able to diagnose myself. I was blessed to have already had a wide understanding of natural healing, thus aiding me in understanding my condition to a greater degree than most people would have. Armed with what I discovered, I went to a local doctor. She confirmed I did indeed have Graves’ Disease.

Graves’ is a hyperthyroid condition, and can cause an incredible amount of medical problems. During this time period I had been put on birth control pills and corticosteroids, two substances that will cause a hyperthyroid to go absolutely nuts. I eliminated these drugs from my regimen, and tried to discover what I could do to help myself naturally. The mainstream alternatives required either the surgical removal of my thyroid, or a radioactive treatment that would leave me glowing in the dark for three days.

Both of these treatments would also require that I be on hormone therapy for the rest of my life, as the thyroid aids in regulating hormone production. This did not settle well with me, and I continued in my research toward a cure. As I stated earlier, there was very little known about the condition during this time, so I depended on what little information I could find. One thing I learned was how to regulate my emotions, as emotions, sex, crying, etc., all can kick the thyroid out of whack. It helped to some degree, I was no longer bed ridden, but I still had to be very careful of having any emotional ups and downs of any kind.

It would be about five years later I was to end up on my death bed again. This time it was far worse, and I was seriously contemplating suicide. My marriage had become a living nightmare, my now teenage children were getting into their fair share of trouble, and my ability to cope was greatly slipping. I had an extreme goiter, which is located where one’s adam’s apple is, and is where the thyroid is located. My eyes were bulging out of my head, a common side effect of hyperthyroidism, and I was constantly ill.

I meditated and asked the universe for a cure. Within a short time I was to read about a miracle drug, called ayahuasca. Many people had claimed it had cured them of cancer and other debilitating diseases. I was willing at this point to try anything.

Ayahuasca is a South American hallucinogen, brewed up traditionally by shamans to heal diseases of the mind and body. One must be very careful taking it, as it an MAO inhibitor, and can cause a hypertensive crisis if foods containing tyramine are consumed. At the time, the online lists that I had regarding foods to avoid, had failed to mention mushrooms. At about mid trip, I decided to drink some shitake mushroom broth, which did indeed send me into a severe hypertensive crisis. My heartbeat was about 120 bpm for several hours.

This aside, the entire experience was quite horrible, as ayahuasca trips are not pleasant, and certainly not for recreational use. The drug which is actually a combination of substances, is centered around  Banisteriopsis spp. vine. The meaning of the word ayahuasca is vine of the souls, and is often referred to as vine of the dead. There are no external hallucinations really, only when you close your eyes. These images are quite often of death and South American designs. Throwing up is par for the course, and an overall feeling of being ill is normal. At the very end of the experience, a feeling of peace and euphoria occur, that is very similar to the effects of ecstasy.

The day after my experience, my neck began to break out with red bumps that looked like acne. The bumps worsened, until they covered the entirety of my neck, and lasted for six months. As the bumps appeared, my goiter was lessening in size. By the end of those six months, my eyes appeared normal again, and there was no longer a goiter on my neck.

My condition did indeed go into remission, and ayahuasca had saved my life. My emotional and mental state improved, but I was still amidst the circumstances that had caused the upheaval in the first place. Shortly thereafter, I moved out of my family’s home and into my own apartment. I continued on in my search for a permanent cure to my condition, and it was in my new apartment I was to find what I was looking for. I came across a scientist gentleman who introduced me to a new diet and various healing substances. Today I have no evidence of my disease, and live a pretty healthy life.

Ayahuasca is not for everyone, it takes great bravery to even ingest it. I have had a total of three ayahuasca trips, but feel I no longer need it. Care must be taken when consuming it, and it must be taken in the proper spirit. It is not a cure all, and I have found that people more open to change and growth are the most deeply effected by it. The ingredients can be purchased online, but it is important to go through a reputable source such as Bouncing Bear Botanicals.

Do ample research, and read the stories of others before attempting to try this on your own. For a price, you can actually have the experience through a South American shaman, the ayahuasca church, or an underground ayahuasca group. Once again, it is not a recreational drug, and under most circumstances it is illegal in the United States.

This article is meant to suggest possibilities, not diagnose or treat. Use wisdom in your actions, and consult a natural doctor when needed.