There should be an image here!It would be like an iPad…with a kickstand. Apple, in their rush to make the touch screen the next big thing in other devices, looks to be pushing in this direction with their upcoming iMacs. But is the world really ready for a touchscreen iMac just yet? Maybe, so long as the keyboard is still an available option for those tasks that really don’t do well with a touch screen.

At the point, it’s all still very much a rumor and little more. Regardless of a given timeline, no one can question that if Apple did decide to go the touchscreen, the marketplace would likely eat it up. The problem which would be¬†interpreted¬†by competitors, is how using a desktop without a keyboard is just silly. Funny, they once said the same of mobile phones….

The single thing we can all take to the bank with Apple is this. These days, they will be leading the way on the cutting edge. Unlike Microsoft, they are willing to take a walk on the wild side and try something new. But in the case of the touchscreen desktop, I believe that Windows and HP may already have beat them to the punch, no?