The title of the article I read this morning was: ‘Apple Fan John Gruber: Windows Phone 7 “Really Nice” And Better Than Android’.  The article went on to say the following:

Gruber got to play with a Windows prototype phone for 5 minutes at a cocktail party after the Web 2.0 conference in New York last week.

My first thought was that had to be a joke. One person who is at a cocktail party plays with a cell phone for 5 minutes and comes up with the conclusion that the Windows Phone 7 is better than Android? Yesterday I walked through a Best Buy, sober, and concluded that Android is better than the Apple iPhone. Ridiculous!

The people who decide which product is the best product are you and I. We are the ones who eventually make this decision when we open our wallets and plunk down our hard-earned cash and make a purchase. Reviews are great, but sometimes the reviews do not provide any substance like the one above. In 5 minutes how could anyone expect any intelligent human being to accept such a review?

Opinions are like you know what and everyone has one. LOL

What do you think? Can we trust reviews such as this?

Comments welcome.

Source – Business Insider