Even though Windows Phone 7 is just around the corner, it seems like some developers are waiting to see how things go before committing much in the way of development effort. I suppose it’s understandable considering the fact that this is what many consider to be a new mobile OS.

But is it also not logical to jump on board this new mobile OS early, as it could be the best opportunity to leverage a new and upcoming opportunity? It makes sense to me. Why not jump on board right away? Why wait?

Imagine if developers waited to see about Android in lieu of the iPhone’s iOS? If all of the early developers for that platform had waited for something compelling to happen first, Android today wouldn’t even be on anyone’s radar.

The point is that this chicken or the egg argument being push forth with the new Microsoft mobile OS is pointless. I suggest those who want to gain as many new users as possible develop for the OS that can provide that. All indications show that Windows Phone 7 is going to be worth developing for. Just something for developers to consider.