A more accurate statement might have been “RIP Over-the-Air Television”.

I just read that several cable networks are worth staggeringly more than NBC.  I’m not sure I ever thought I’d read something like that.

The reason for this entry is that we have been watching OTA tv for a while now, having discontinued our satellite service.  If there is one piece of advice I could give to anyone seeking to cut the pay-tv cord, it would be “Don’t.”

I remember being shocked when we first started watching OTA tv again, after all these years of paying for service.  Quite frankly, the programming is horrid.  Yes, we found a few favorites, but the lack of quality is appalling.  As it only seems to be getting worse, we are left to wonder what is going to happen to OTA tv.

Flipping around local channels in the morning reveals channel after channel of infomercials.  And this is on the network stations too.

And then there is sports.  In spite of my part-time job as the AntiSports, I find it extremely distasteful to channel surf and find greater than seventy percent of the available channels featuring sports (including all of the network stations).  As if that weren’t bad enough, sports preempts everything else.  If the blasted TV listings say a program is supposed to be on, what is so difficult about it actually being on?  Nope – sports.

When we had a few more disposable dollars, we contributed to public television.  I was never more thankful than at this moment for public tv.  Even if you’re not a fan, you have to admit that the programming is never just plain stupid.  The same cannot be said for the other channels (any of them).

The commercials (heaven help us) are the same on all channels and subject to repetition, sometimes in the same five minute segment.  It is not an accident that Flo was in the top five most annoying commercials country-wide  [Progressive insurance commercial].

I don’t remember things being this bad before the great flight to pay-tv.  It’s a small wonder there’s virtually nothing left: no one shut the door when the last person stopped watching OTA tv.

Fortunately we make use of cable internet to view programs more to our liking.  This is becoming huge for obvious reasons.

And then of course there are actual hobbies that don’t involve watching tv.  You know, like reading, playing guitar, and work.