There should be an image here!How many times have we heard this before? The iPhone is coming to Verizon in 2011. But could it be this time, there is actually some truth in all of this? Maybe, instead of more hype we will finally see A PHONE coming to Verizon instead of more hope-filled articles complete with lots of speculation? Hey, a guy can hope. Don’t think it’s too much to ask here.

Personally at this point it really doesn’t matter anymore. Verizon has Android phones, today, now, right this minute. They provide most of the same functionality while being available in a variety of different “flavors” to choose from. Fact of the matter is, the iPhone is too late to matter on other networks here in the U.S.

Now if the iPhone actually does make it’s way out of GSM world and graces us with other carrier choices, all the better. But as far as I am concerned, once burned twice shy. Like most people, I am not too hip about re-upping on AT&T just to access a phone and its features. My next phone will likely be with another carrier and will┬ádefinitely┬ábe something that is not dictating that it will run a mobile OS with only one mobile carrier.