If you own a Sony PS3 console, Best Buy wants to charge you $30 for a firmware update. The procedure and update are free and some are questioning why Best Buy is even charging for the update. This raises more questions as to why Best Buy was also charging $40 to optimize a PC. It seems that the electronics store is charging for services that may not be necessary.

In a recent article it states:

A Best Buy in New York is offering customers a service which tacks an extra $30 onto the purchase price of a new 120GB PS3 system that has been upgraded to the latest firmware. According to Best Buy, the firmware update includes:

  • Play(s) all Blu-ray movies and PS3 games
  • Eliminates bugs and glitches
  • System runs smoother
  • Improves connectivity to Facebook
  • Power save settings
  • Photo gallery and video editor
  • Adds PlayStation Plus
  • Improved system settings

For PS3 users, performing a firmware update on the PS3 is simple as going to the system menu and selecting system updates. All of this is of course free to the user and requires nothing more than a few button presses on the controller (and an internet connection).

Maybe this is who Best Buy is aiming their service. For those without an internet connection. Still it does seem like a fairly useless service and paying $30 seems a little over priced. IMO.

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Source – Daily Tech