Microsoft has recently started to offer their 3 pack for Windows 7 Home Premium and Amazon is offering the pack at a slight discount. But on their website they state that due to high demand, they will only accept one order per household. So how much is the discount? Just $5 right now. But some have reported discounted prices of $133 on Amazon so keep your eyes open and check the site often.

So I took a look around at other sites and it seems that Newegg is also price matching Amazon along with free shipping. Tiger Direct and Best buy are offering the 3 pack at $149.99.

IMO this is a great deal and if you have given any thought about upgrading, now is the time. Do you have more than 3 computers that need upgrading? Place one order with Amazon and one order with Newegg. 🙂

Comments welcome.

Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade Family Pack (3-User)